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The Shelter Network comprises myriads of advertising formats to meet with every customised need. Illuminated panels at eye-level positions create unparalleled overnight message impact. Our dedication in cleaning and maintenance ensures our medium looks fine for arresting campaigns.


A high quality back-lit panel encased in tempered glass commanding the attention of the most prestigious audiences. With display size exceeding 6.5 square metres, it is the marketís largest networked back-lit outdoor advertising panel. Serving as a billboard on a bus shelter but at multiple locations, it delivers unprecedented display impact with reach and frequency dramatically improved.

Type of Material Back-lit Film / Yupo paper
Material Size 3910 mm W x 1770mm H
Display Size

3820 mm W x 1710mm H

mega panel

Mega Panelís large display area creates instant impact in the outdoor environment. Itís flexibility in fitting to any Bus Shelter and facing either pedestrian or vehicular traffic allows you to customize networks to meet every advertising objective.

Type of Material Vinyl
Material Size 4410 mm W x 2260 mm H
Display Size 4030 mm W x 1880 mm H

* Not all Mega Panels are this size, size specifications provided upon selection of sites


Build your network frequency overnight cost-effectively with 4-Sheet posters which add value to your campaign in a most simple and efficient way.

Type of Material Yupo Paper
Material Size 1010 mm W x 1530 mm H
Display Size 950 mm W x 1500 mm H

Shelterbox is one of the very few multi-dimensional formats giving 270į viewing opportunity to road traffic and a head-on view to pedestrians. You may choose to dominate with sticker-wrapping, or create a jumbo product or even turn it into a showcase for your products achieving best on-street impact.


Sheltertop is one of the most prominent outdoor formats designed to make your campaign stand out. In conjunction with domination underneath, sheltertop adds real impact to your brand.

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